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Zero 7 When It Falls歌词

演唱者:Zero 7  专辑名:  TAG:Zero 7   歌词更新时间:2019-11-04


Zero 7-When It Falls文本歌词

The Veronicas - When It All Falls Apart
I'm having the day from hell,
It was all going so well (before you came)
And you told me you needed space,
With a kiss on the side my face (not again)
And not to mention (the tears, ashame)
But I should have kicked your (ass instead)
I need intervention
Attention to stop temptation to scream
Cause baby
Everything is left up straight from the heart
Tell me what do you do, when it all falls apart
Gotta pick myself up where do I start
Cuz I can't turn to you when it all falls apart
Don't know where I parked my car
Don't know who my real friends are (anymore)
I put my faith in you
What a stupid thing to do (when it rains it pours)
And not to mention (I drank too much)
I'm feeling hung over (and out of touch)
I need intervention
Attention to stop temptation to scream

Zero 7-When It FallsLRC歌词

[00:06.38]Lyrics:彭靖惠 Music:彭靖惠 Arranger:黄中岳
[03:45.77][01:20.41][00:17.69]When you're feeling sad
[03:49.09][01:23.56][00:21.18]When the whole world turns its back
[03:52.53][01:27.06][00:24.50]And when a flicker of hope just seems too far
[03:59.86][01:34.39][00:32.34]Close your eyes and drifft away
[04:03.30][01:37.88][00:36.40]There might still be more rainy days
[04:07.10][01:41.61][00:40.24]But the sun always comes back and shines again
[04:14.85][01:49.32][00:48.53]Hold on to that smile on your face
[03:09.90][01:55.68]There're times when we win a little
[03:17.54][02:03.36]Times when we lose it all
[03:24.63][02:10.73]Anything can change for reasons we don't know
[03:31.99][02:17.83]It's life, it's life
[03:39.25][02:25.29]One day you'll find
[02:32.63]What's the use of crying
[02:36.18]Hold on to that smile

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